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About Real Wealth Solutions®
Welcome to Real Wealth Solutions® - A Mastermind Group

Kevin J. Donaldson is the Founder & CEO of Real Wealth Solutions. Impassioned by a desire to promote the generation of wealth through prosperity-consciousness and the launching of home-based businesses, he founded Real Wealth Solutions to transform individuals into entrepreneurs and businesses into enterprises.

Mr. Donaldson has a wellspring of knowledge ranging from medicine to sales to energy healing. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stony Brook University. He is a certified NLP life and business coach, insurance agent, and Reiki master.

Brand Story
Turning individuals into entrepreneurs and businesses into enterprises.

About Real Wealth Solutions®
What are your thoughts about wealth? Is it far-fetched or highly attainable? How would you describe the perfect, prosperous life? Now, lean in and think deeply for this next question. What is stopping you from living out the fullness of your vision?

We at Real Wealth Solutions® understand that where the mind goes the feet are sure to follow. That is precisely why our focus isn’t solely on money. Although wealth is often reduced to financial matters, its truest form moves far beyond finances. It is the total wellbeing of one’s life. More often than not, a person’s thought patterns and daily habits are the stumbling blocks to a holistic life of happiness, health, strong relationships, and financial freedom. Developing a right mindset is paramount when striving to generate and accumulate wealth. Our aim at Real Wealth Solutions is to equip and empower individuals to create pathways to wealth through the cultivation of right mindsets and development of strong, home-based businesses.

Real Wealth Solutions is a veteran-owned corporation that specializes in a plethora of financial services, business development strategies, and personal growth opportunities. We know what it takes to produce the business you want and the life you deserve. Instead of a cookie-cutter process, we tailor our packages to your specific needs. The life of CEO and Founder Kevin J. Donaldson is the genesis of our success in life and business transformations. Through the overcoming of hardships in education, finances, and relationships, he established a well-rounded life of happiness and prosperity while constructing the time-tested practices that position us to help others to do the same. We help clients shift from a poverty mindset to prosperity-consciousness. As they grow in business acumen, they gain the insight and ability to build transferable wealth while experiencing gratifying lives. Our team of highly skilled professionals are qualified to turn individuals into entrepreneurs and businesses into enterprises.

The change you need begins with Real Wealth Solutions. Currently, only a fraction of American households have the funds available to handle a $400 emergency. The rest are left to the mercilessness of creditors and loan sharks. There is no reason why you cannot become equipped to pivot around life’s unpleasant surprises. With us, clients learn how to establish financial security, which leads to financial freedom and peace of mind. Whether you are a business owner in the market for non-qualifying bonus plan options or you need digital marketing training, we have you covered. In addition, Real Wealth Solutions offers travel advising, literary publishing, business coaching, and seminars on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, finances, relationships, and spirituality. And because we believe that people should lead healthy, balanced lives, we are also a reputable distributor of wearable health-monitoring technology. Again, wealth and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. The solution to real wealth is having the mindset to build it and the health to enjoy it.

Now is not the time to be bound by fear or excuses. You have envisioned the life you want. Go for it! You have the power to take the reins of your financial future into your hands. Contact us today to begin creating your pathway to wealth!

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