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Executive Bonus Plan: Empower Everyone to Get Tax-Free Retirement Income
February 1, 2021 at 3:00 PM
by Kevin J Donaldson
Executive Bonus Plans are a new financial strategy that more and more American business owners and professionals are exploring.

Are you a business owner or professional in America?

Would you like to secure retirement income and make sure you’re well-provided for in your golden years?

Now here’s the deal: How would you like that retirement income TAX-FREE?

Because that’s exactly what you get when you use an Executive Bonus Plan.

Let me explain...

What are Executive Bonus Plans?

Executive Bonus Plans are a new financial strategy that more and more American business owners and professionals are exploring. Think of it as using life insurance as a “Personal Bank,” giving you reliable retirement income 100% tax-free.

Executive Bonus Plans are not unlike a 401(k) or traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The main difference is in the fact that, aside from being tax-free, there are much fewer restrictions to stress over.

For instance, contributions to an IRA are tax-deferred – that is, the government collects the tax only when withdrawals are made.

And in case you need to make a withdrawal before you reach the agreed age, there’s a penalty.

In some IRA’s, fees are charged even for making contributions to the policy.

You get the idea. Securing retirement income is very complicated – until now, of course.

With Executive Bonus Plans, it’s much simpler:

1. You create a Plan using a number of life insurance policies, to be determined with the help of a business and financial strategist

2. Your business funds the plan and the tax that goes with it – which is much lower in the long run than with a traditional IRA

3. Thanks to US law, every extra contribution you make to an insurance policy will be tax-free, provided the total contribution has a cap and must be put in over a period of 5-7 years

4. Likewise, any withdrawal you make – whether for business or personal needs – will be tax-free

As of this writing (February 2021), that period of 5-7 years has been shortened to 2 years for some kinds of life insurance policies. This became law with the passing of the recent stimulus package for COVID-19.

This means you now have the option to fill up your Executive Bonus Plan much more quickly. As a result, the premiums and taxes your business has to pay will drop, and your cash value will grow faster as well.

That being said, no one knows how long the new law will stay in place. So now’s the best time to get into the game while it’s still around.

How Can I Put My Own Executive Bonus Plan Into Place?

The challenge with Executive Bonus Plans is that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Your own Executive Bonus Plan must fit your personal needs, your business’s needs, your risk appetite, and your budget.

A business and financial strategist will help you determine all of that, to create a tailor-fit solution for your business and your life. And that’s how I can help you.

To find out what Executive Bonus Plan setup would fit your life and your business, schedule a call with me – the conversation is always free.

In my 10 years of helping business owners secure their retirement income, I know we’ll only need 2-3 conversations to come up with the BREAKTHROUGH strategy tailored specifically for you.

If you’re ready for that breakthrough, then let’s have that first conversation now.